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About The Badwa Center

Badwa Center for special education is a non-for profit educational and rehabilitation institute that was established in 1970 as one of the first centers for special education in Jordan. It was first established under the name Jordanian Mental health association. With passion and commitment to excellence in service provision, the center provides services for persons with simple to moderate intellectual disability from most vulnerable Jordanian families in Eastern Amman. Since the establishment of the center, our commitment stems from our humanitarian values and believe in the greater impact of our work on the society. 




The center mission is to provide an inclusive and safe environment for persons with disability where Educational, training and rehabilitation programs are provided by trained and passionate specialists within our team and beyond. We focus our work on the students and their family.


Our mission is to develop the students individual and social capacities to ease their everyday life safely and increase their opportunities to become active members in the society. At the same time, we work together with their families through guidance, consultation and capacity building.


Our team’s main concern is the everyday life of the persons with intellectual disability, their personal, social and professional competences. We aim to work on multiple levels to achieve a safe, comfortable and inclusive environment for them away from exploitation and danger.


To provide a safe and inclusive educational and rehabilitation environment for persons with intellectual disabilities to develop their self-reliance abilities and integrate them socially and professionally in the society.





  • Provide institutional care for persons with low- medium intellectual disabilities age between 6-30 years old from both genders.

  • Provide high quality and specialized education, training, rehabilitation programs.

  • Reach out and create partnerships with interdisciplinary local and international institutes to develop the quality of the programs and develop the inclusion programs.

  • Raising awareness and provide guidance and consultancy to families of persons with disability and the society in general.

  • Challenge the negative image about the capabilities of persons with disability by success stories.

  • Protection of persons with disabilities from isolation, exploitation and disrespect and include them in the society through training them and helping them to approach the job market.



Financial Stability

Since the establishment of the center, we have been fortunate enough to receive sponsorship and funding from various institutions, corporates and individuals whom with their support managed to keep us going. This support is essential as the majority of our students’ families aren’t financially capable of covering the cost of the students. Therefore, we ask the families to contribute with the amounts they can afford. Some families reach out to the ministry of social development who manages to cover small amount of the student’s. However, as we strive to provide quality services to those in need, the center is in need for donations and financial support to sustain its services.



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