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Social Inclusion

Inclusion of students with Intellectual disabilities in the community require multi-scaler interventions and efforts to become a reality. In Badwa center we approach this matter on various levels that starts with rehabilitation, training and capacity building within the programs provided in the center to the external collaboration with the community as follows:

  • Close Living environment (Home and Extended Family): By guiding and supporting the parents through the process of integrating their children in their extended families, not fearing taking them outside the house, see them for their full potential not with pettiness and burden but with love and support as any of their other children.

  • Build partnerships with various partners to initiate activities that allows the students to engage with students from the mainstream education facilities, private sector, participate in activities as “ Injaz” through corporate  social responsibilities and engage with similar centers across Jordan.

  • Advocate for inclusion of persons with disabilities through the center’s communication channels and building partnerships.

  • Develop Vocational training and capacity building programs in the center for students older than 16 years old to prepare them for the job market.

  • Liaison with some private sector corporates and institutes to arrange for internships and work opportunities for the students who graduate from the center after the age of 30.  

  • Integrate the students in multiple sports activities through the national, regional and international Special-Olympics games.

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