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Sports Activities (Special Olympics)

With the limited capacity of the center, our team managed to create partnership agreements with the special olympics committee and other institutes that supported our students to practice and participate in various Special Olympics games on the national and international level. Through-out the years, our students showed high level of enthusiasm and exceptional abilities in Athletics games, Roll-skating and Ice-skating and managed to win multiple Special Olympics Medals, some of which but not limited to the following:

  • Marseil Hilmy: Represented Jordan in the special –Olympics in Jordan, USA, Alaska, Canada, Lebanon, Egypt and Greece. Marseil Competed in the Athletics games and won 9 Golden Medals, 7 Silver Medals and One Bronze Medal

  • Sawsan Suleiman: Represented Jordan in the Special Olympics in Jordan, USA, Alaska, Ireland, Shanghai, Greece, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Sawsan competed in Swimming, skating and Athletics games and managed to win 5 Golden Medals and 2 Silver Medals.

  • Abdullah Al Nahhas: Participated in the Special Olympics in Egypt, USA, Austria, Abu Dhabi. Abdullah competed in Roll-Skating and won 6 Golden Medals, 4 Silver Medals and 2 Bronze Medals.

There has been a remarkable impact on the development and growth of our students who participated in the Special-Olympics and keep a regular schedule in practicing and getting involved in sports activities. They have demonstrated high level of improvement in independency, self-reliance and communication skills which allowed them to get better opportunities of integration within the community socially and professionally.


However, due to the high training and coordination cost, the center is struggling to maintain this activity running and invest more in the talents of our students. The students need sponsorship to continue their training and get training gears that are considered a burden for their families and the center. We are now seeking support for our students to get a proper training to be able to participate in the coming Special Olympics games.

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