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Target Groups

The center provides its services to Children and Adults age between 6-32 years old who suffer from low-medium intellectual disability and live in the surrounding areas in East Amman. The center accepts students who are transferred from disability examination centers managed by MoSD and MoH after receiving the initial assessment tests. Moreover, majority of the students belong to low income families living in the area.​


The Majority of the students belong to low income families, where them and their parents are vulnerable to financial challenges and the burden of establishing safe and healthy environment for their children with limited financial resources. Upon registration, the social worker in the center conduct a vulnerability assessment and visit the families. Many families bring forward a financial support letter from MoSD.​

Selection Criteria and Outreach

The center has a well-established selection and registration procedure to assure transparency and serve those in-need:

  • Students referrals and transfers received from the Ministry of social development in Eastern Amman from the department of special education in the ministry.

  • An agreement is made between the center and MoSD regarding the student’s cost (If applicable).

  • Majority of the students use the shutter bus service by the center, as the center have on bus with limited resources, the location of residence is taking into consideration during the acceptance phase.

  • To be within the age group (6-30) years old.

  • The center can’t accept Students who require medical assistance and support.

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